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The Woes and Excitement of Self-Publishing

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is safe and happy during these very trying times.

I noticed that my views for my page went through the roof with my first blog post in a long time. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for coming to check out what I have been up to. It means more to mean than you will ever know!

I have been working tirelessly for the last week -- and beyond that to the last few years, if truth be told -- to get my first novel, an epic middle-grade fantasy called The Dark Light: Gate Key Chrnonicles (Book 1) all ready to launch on Christmas day!!

The funny thing about trying to release your first book on a tight deadline, you may find out that you were potentially missing some important items on your checklist. I was alerted to a mistake I was about to make by some casual searches about ISBN numbers, literally as I lay in bed just last night. So, I thought I would drop you a couple of links, just in case you might be about to make the same mistake.

Turns out, paid vs free ISBN numbers is a very important aspect of self-publishing, with choices involved that could be a real hindrance on your ability to properly market and sell your novel to a broader audience. I learned that it may not be the best option to go with one of the free ISBN numbers from some of the big POD services offered by large companies, such as Amazon KDP. So, I have been spending the last 24 hours researching and working on the "why's" and "how's" of the ISBN.

Don't get me wrong, as I am not saying anything bad about Amazon KDP, or Ingramspark, and these companies POD services. In fact, I still intend to launch on KDP tomorrow, and then follow up with a broader launch on Ingramspark. But if I were to use the free ISBN provided by either, it would seem that I would have basically been waiving some rights to the ownership of my book, since one of the previously stated companies would have purchased the ISBN on my behalf, and thus retained true publisher ownership of The Dark Light. As it turns out, there is a simple solution to such a problem... invest in your own ISBN as your OWN publisher. Thus, GATE KEY PUBLISHING was born (literally last night around midnight, and yes, I searched the name to be sure that the publishing entity was not already taken).

I know, this sounds like I had to do a lot of complicated stuff, including standing up an LLC overnight, but this is not the case. To be honest, I am not able to blog at a caliber that the following folks have, and so I will leave it to the pros to inform you if you wish to look deeper into the matter. And if you are considering self-publishing, I suggest you do!

There are several awesome articles on the subject, from various bloggers and companies, but the following I found to be the most useful: and Reedsy also had a great article that I found super useful on creating a copyright page for your book!

Lucky for me -- and maybe you -- there are some great sites out there publishing fantastic, helpful blogs such as in the links above, for new authors just like myself. Turns out I have a lot to learn.

I hope you enjoy this blog and hope that you find it as useful as I found the linked blogs within. Until next time...

Happy Reading!

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