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Quick Update: See What's New

Hello readers! Hope your week is going well. We are doing great over here at Gate Key Publishing - been super busy. Take a look at what's new!


Tiffany's Tiff: The Bully and The Bullied

A father/daughter writing collaboration between my super awesome daughter, Gwen Blodgett, and yours truly, J.G., is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. The book introduces the topic of bullying and gets parents and young readers asking important questions about not only the bullied but the bully as well, creating in the reader an attitude of empathy, even for someone they might consider to be a not-so-nice person.

We are set to launch the Kinde and Paperback release on March 19, 2021. Don't miss out, as Gwen and I would very much love to hear your thoughts on the book. Just click the title or the picture to be taken to Tiffany's Tiff on Amazon.


J.G. is now on Facebook!

That's right, I am now on Facebook, and, although I fought it a bit, I am happy to be there; it is just one more way that I can engage with my awesome readers and fans. So go follow my personal and/or my author page, engage in posts, ask me questions, I would very much like to see you there.

Click the image or click HERE to follow J.G. on Facebook.


Sharon Martin - Graphic Designer

Upcoming Books and Content / New Artist

You will be happy to learn that we are writing like mad over here at Gate Key Publishing (GKP), and more content will be coming soon!

J.G. and Gwen Blodgett both have begun work on one more children's book each, and we will be revealing new cover art very soon.

J.G. is also still hard at work on The Dark Light Falls: Gate Key Chronicles: Book 2. We are also working, as I type this, on the book cover art, which will be revealed to your awesome supporters first, as always! Artist Sharon Martin is proving to be a valuable addition to the GKP team; go check her out on her Instagram and give her a follow:

Click on the image, or the name above to follow Sharon on Instagram.


More Upcoming Books and Content

Not sure if you are a Wattpadder (if that is a word) but I (J.G.) am also super excited to announce that I will soon have another book coming out, this time a little more for young adults and older readers, which will be a metaphysical/psychological horror (PG-13, of course, so still appropriate for teens who like a good scare).

I mention Wattpad, because for quite some time now I have actually had the screenplay for Mountain Falls on Wattpad. It's done quite well, and even took home an award in 2020. If you wanted, you can definitely go check it out before I take it down - have to take it down once the book comes out, which should be toward the end of 2021! And no, that book cover you see there is not the one that will adorn the novel ;)

Click HERE or on the image if you want to check the screenplay out on Wattpad.


Current Books

And last but not least, The Dark Light: Gate Key Chronicles: Book 1 is currently on sale on Amazon: just $9.99 on paperback and just $2.99 on Kindle; and of course FREE on Kindle Unlimited. If you haven't already, please go check it out, you will not be disappointed.

And if you have checked it out but are playing the shy type - STOP IT :). I'm not yelling, just kidding. The series will only benefit from your awesome, detailed, worded reviews - and J.G. would very much appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Click the title in the text or the image to be taken to TGK on Amazon.


Thank you so much for taking a look! I hope you like what you see and are getting excited about all of it. Please share with your friends if you do! Until next time...

Happy reading!

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