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Miss me?

My deepest apologies to any of my fans who were loyal to me and awaiting my next release, whether that be the next volume in The Gate Key Chronicles or my next children's book. It's not that I haven't been working on such things - although I can certainly work on them more - is more so that I haven't posted here on my blog or to my subscribers in my readers list that I apologize.

You see, I'm what most creative folks would likely call a "lazy creative" - ooh, that might be a new title for my new blog 🤔

Could work🤷‍♂️

Anyway. I just wanted to drop in for a second to say hello and let you all know that my site might be down for a short beat coming up here, as it will be undergoing some changes.

I also wanted to update you and show you how, although I'm a lazy creative - really starting to like that - I have been working on my projects, and I am happy to announce that my latest children's book, The Littlest Bloops, will be available for pre-order on Amazon on June 1st.

The book will release in November, just in time for Christmas, so if you have some Littles maybe you'll want to pick this one up. It is meant to be read with your Littles (ages 0-8) so it's content on social and cultural bias can be learned about and discussed. And there's some big words to be learned, so your Littlest Littles are going to need your help - never to early to push their learning potential.

Again, I know it's been way too long, but wanted to let you know I'm still alive and still working. I will definitely be posting more often, as I have a bit of upcoming stuff on the horizon. Sorry for any typos, my first time trying out this blogging app on my phone 😉. I'll talk to you guys soon...


~ The Lazy Creative

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