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Fun Post: Headshot Photoshoot

Me trying to be a model, lol. Photo by Gwen Blodgett

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a fun little post with you. I had actually already posted this a while back, but it got lost when I redesigned the website - so thought I would post it again... you're welcome ;)

So, I went out with my daughter and son for a little fun today. My daughter, Gwen Blodgett, is quite the little photographer, and she was helping me to get a better headshot, so I can use it for book covers, social media, etc. I guess she feels my current profile image was lacking. Can you blame her?

We actually had a lot of fun, hanging around in Prescott, AZ's beautiful Courthouse Square. If you have never been, there are some pictures below. We actually did pretty well and got a few really good photos (this first one is not one of the "good" ones; this is my daughter's attempt at making me into a model -- not with that nose!).

Here's a gallery of possible shots that we took (The wide with the side profile of my very impressive honker is my personal favorite):

Now, I know what you are thinking, they all look pretty similar, but that's just not true. Like my daughter says, "It's all about the subtleties." Or she said something like that, I'm sure of it.

Oh, as promised, if you've never been to Prescott, AZ:

It is an adorable small town that has all the "small-town feel" you can handle! The people here are amazing, and warm, and artists are so very welcome. In fact, we were just at the Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Arts (home to over 40 different artists' stunning works) just today, checking out the local artists' scene - it was an awesomely eclectic display! Seriously, if you get a chance, come check Prescott, AZ out!

Anyway, back to the light-hearted topic at hand. We got some good shots (we had a few more but I didn't want to bore you, plus, they were taken from a very low angle, making my already ginormous head look even bigger - it wasn't good). Our best ones (the ones I put in this post) were taken in the famous Whiskey Row Alley (pictured above), and this was the final image we came up with (photoshopped, of course):

Photo by Gwen Blodgett

My daughter has some talent, no doubt about it. If she can make this mug look presentable, then you know she's got some talent, and me thinks I look not too shabby if I do say s myself; especially in my brand new hat, which my family bought me for Christmas.

If you actually read all the way through this silly little blog post, then you rock! Thanks for taking a look. Until next time...

Happy reading!!

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