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Children's Book Review: Chubby The Pug Goes To Space

Hello readers! JG here with another children's book review. I know it has been a while. Had a little - or a lot - going on in my life that has kept me from social media and my website obligations to my subscribers, my apologies. But I am here now, and we have another adorable book to review by author Megan Anderson!

If you recall our first book review of Chubby the Pug Takes the Bus, and our

Author Feature of Megan Anderson, then you will recall that Megan had written her second book in the midst of the angst of the pandemic and shutdown of 2020. And we're glad she did!

click the Author's image to be taken to her feature!

Megan, like many authors, found the shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic to be a time of creativity; an unexpected gift in the form of a stressful time of uncertainty. Megan found the inspiration -- or felt the need, rather -- to create something special during her time off from work, and it is just one of many books to come out of the pandemic.

So What's this book about?!

Chubby The Pug Goes To Space is another cute story by Megan Anderson, which continues to chronicle the adventures of an adorable little pug Named Chubby. This time -- as the title suggests -- Chubby goes to space!

The story begins with Chubby being bored and a little stir crazy while being on lockdown at home -- way to incorporate the reality of our lives in 2020, Megan, very well done here. So, Chubby decides that, since he cannot do anything here on Earth besides sit at home, he may as well go to space, where there are no restrictions and it is fairly safe due to a lack of other beings to come in contact with. Oh, and learning what he did in the first book, Chubby makes sure to tell his human where he's going and when he will return :)

On this cosmic adventure, Chubby explores our very own solar system! One of my favorite things about children's books is the ability of the medium to entertain while teaching, and this book is wildly successful in doing so. In this respect, the book was very nostalgic for me, taking me back to the imagery of similar books from my own childhood that taught us about our solar system. Chubby's adventure hits all the stops (planets) along the way, and delivers on accurate facts for the young reader about our sister and brother planets. I especially appreciated the shoutout to Pluto, which I knew to be a planet when I was a kid!

Once again, the illustrations in the book are well done and super charming, in addition to adding to the educational aspect of the story.

As expected when we did the review of Megan's first book, this was a great follow up, and has surely set us up for yet another story in the line of Chubby adventures to come! It appears Megan is really hitting her stride with this series and I cannot wait to see what's next!


Well, there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Megan Anderson, and our review of her second children's book, Chubby The Pug Goes To Space.

Don't forget to go and follow Megan on her social media pages:

Instagram main: @megz_ander

Instagram Author: @chubby.the.pug

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Facebook Author: Chubby the Pug Book Series

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