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Children's Book Review: Chubby the Pug Takes the Bus

Hello readers! J.G. Blodgett here with Gate Key Publishing's very first children's book review. And it is an adorable one.

Who doesn't like pugs? Am I right? I mean, come on.

Now, my opinion may be a little bias here, since I live with a pug. Minus a few slightly-annoying, nasally habits, pugs are one of the most adorable dogs you can own, take my word. But what is the second best thing to owning a pug? Reading books about them!

So what's this book about?!

Chubby the Pug Takes the Bus, written by Megan Anderson, is a very cute story about an ambitiously adventurous little pup, by the name of Chubby. Some immediate foreshadowing sets the tone for the story, as we quickly learn of Chubby's insatiable love for the dog park and the fact that he cannot really go to the park as much as the little fella would like, since his human works long hours. After a little think session while spending some time with his favorite blanket, Chubby has the brilliant idea to take the bus on his own to the dog park for a day of fun!

I wouldn't want to ruin anything for you, so I won't get too deep into the story, but I can tell you that the adventure Chubby goes on is super fun and author, Megan Anderson, does a great job telling the very cute tale. The story even offers a small lesson by the end, about being sure to tell your loved one's where you are going so they do not have to worry about you. Communication is the key to any good relationship, especially between a human and their curious talking pooch!

I especially enjoyed the illustrations that accompanied this whimsical story. The images are vibrant, very well drawn, and, at least for me, offered a since of nostalgia that brought me back to those PBS Kids Saturday morning cartoons.

What I like most about the story, was that it seems to have been a way to introduce the young reader to this tenacious pup and his implied adventures to come! We really get to know who Chubby the Pug is in this first edition of his adventures, as well as the understanding he and his human come to at the end of the book, about how Chubby can go on adventures but needs to inform his human before he does - sounded like a sequel to me. And I was not wrong in this assumption, as I discovered that there is already a sequel available on Amazon: Chubby the Pug Goes to Space! I cannot wait to review the next edition - I've already purchased and read it, and it is fantastic!


Author Feature: So who is Megan Anderson?!

Let's see what Megan had to say when I caught up with her.

J.G.: Tell us a little about yourself, Megan: Are you married? Do you have kiddos? Pets? obviously :)

Megan: I am married. I have two kids and a pug named Chubby. We currently live in Southern Nevada.

J.G.: Wow! Big family! Very cool.

So what inspired you to be a writer? What drives you to write?

Megan: I have loved writing since I was in middle school. From those middle school through college years I was the kid that chose extra writing classes, extra credit writing assignments, really just about anything that gave me an opportunity to write more. So when I had a crazy idea to write a book, I went for it.

J.G.: Well, we are glad you had that "crazy idea," otherwise we wouldn't be getting to know Chubby! And I noticed that you have very recently written and released the next adventure from Chubby! What was the inspiration – beyond the canine subject – for your latest story? What was the “why” behind your latest work?

Megan: My 'why' for my second book is pretty silly. We were a few months in on the great shutdown of 2020, I was without a job, home with two kids, and needed to create something. I had been wanting to work on a second book but up until that point I had no idea what direction I wanted the book to go. My oldest picked up my first book for me to read and I started to wonder what Chubby the Pug would do if he was stuck at home like the rest of us. Out of that Chubby The Pug Goes to Space was born.

J.G.: Well, I don't think that is silly at all; I am sure children could use a book to relate to in these strange times we are/were living in, both in 2020 and now 2021.

On that note, what message(s), if any, are you hoping to convey to your readers and/or their parents through your stories?

Megan: I simply want my readers to enjoy reading. I remember being in elementary school, failing comprehension tests because I was so bored with the books we were made to read. So, when I write, I want my works to just be fun without needing to have a deep message.

JG.: I am sure our readers can appreciate that; reading should be fun!

Speaking of fun, when you are not writing, what do you like to do when not creating? How do you unwind and take a brain break from the written word?

Megan: Well, right now there isn’t much down time but my favorite thing to do to unwind is spending time in the kitchen. I love baking. It relaxes me. I also love reading self help/personal development books. And my newest little project is @sheriseseveryday on Instagram. A page for women to come together, support, and uplift each other.

J.G.: That is awesome - I had to stop while transcribing this to go and check out the Instagram, naturally - the new venture looks like an uplifting one for women!

Megan, as a published author, what advice can you offer to aspiring writers, both young and old?

Megan: Just write. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, or you aren’t good enough. You are. Just write, and write, and write some more!

J.G.: Solid advice. Thank you for that.

Well, as we wrap up, what are you currently working on? Now’s your chance for a shameless-self-promo!

Megan: I took a few years of a break between my first and second Chubby the Pug books but I’m about 90% done with book three’s story. Chubby’s next adventure will be to find one of his beloved possessions that has gone missing. Stay tuned and follow on Instagram for the latest news. I’m also working on a top secret collection of short poems and will be rereleasing a short work I released after my oldest was born titled, Dear Daughter.

J.G.: Oh boy! Looks like I have to get moving on my review of your second book, if I am to be ready for book three. That is awesome. Congratulations on the completion of your first two books, and best of luck on the development and release of your third Chubby installment, as well as your poetry. Too cool! And thank you for spending a little time with us, Megan!

Megan: Well, thank you for having me!


Well, there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Megan Anderson, and our review of her first children's book, Chubby the Pug Takes the Bus.

Don't forget to go and follow Megan on her social media pages:

Instagram main: @megz_ander

Instagram Author: @chubby.the.pug

Instagram SheRises: @sheriseseveryday

Facebook Author: Chubby the Pug Book Series

And don't forget to go and pick up your copies of both of Chubby's adventures on!


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