LIFE IN THE HOLE -- Post Production

GENRE:  Crime Drama

Written by J.G. Blodgett and Tony Mendoza; Directed/Produced by Tony Mendoza

Life in The Hole is a psychological thriller where two rival prostitutes held for a few days in what is known as ‘The Hole’  join forces to help their 11 year-old fellow captive escape her future as a child sex-slave.


"The Best Psychological Thrillers people remember are those films that really rattle our internal senses. Unlike horror films, that many times use visual gore, the best psychological thrillers use the audience’s imagination to shake them up." — Tony Mendoza (Director)

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Get the eBook here - THE HOLE by H.E. Joyce

Get the Audiobook here - THE HOLE by H.E. Joyce

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a film by Tony Mendoza

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