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COFFEE — In Development/Crowdfunding

GENRE:  Crime/Thriller

Written by J.G. Blodgett, Arran McDermott and Shelly Paino

Budget Range:  $15k -- $150k

While scouting his latest mark in a small town coffee shop, a hitman is engaged by four strangers in four seemingly random conversations, which ultimately help him to make the most important choice of his life.

Coffee is an original idea created by J.G. Blodgett and a collaborative effort between J.G., Arran McDermott and Shelly Paino. Without any one of these talented artists involved the story would never have come to life on the page the way it has.

Coffee is currently in the developmental stages, building the following needed to launch a successful Indiegogo campaign, and securing a talented cast and crew.

If you would like to be involved with the production of this film, contact J.G.

Sizzle Reel

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Poster Art

Concept art by Joe Howard

Concept Scene Art

Concept Character Art - Main

Concept art by Joe Howard


Concept Character Art - Supporting

Concept art by Joe Howard

Mr. Sullivan

Sizzle Reel Storyboards

Concept art by Joe Howard


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