J.G. Blodgett is a screenwriter and fantasy novelist, best known for his epic fantasy series: Gate Key Chronicles, which just saw The Dark Light (Book 1) released here on Amazon! J.G. was born and raised in Southern Nevada, but now resides in beautiful Northern Arizona, where he will spend the rest of his days living for his God, loving his family, and creating art through writing, photography, and film.

J.G. has been writing since middle school and has developed his craft through many years of formal teaching, as well as through collaborations with his peers. Said collaborations were probably the most important teachings J.G. could have received, each one offering him a chance to humble himself and reflect inwardly on why he cared to create art in the first place.


J.G.  is the writer of multiple produced screenplays, as well as the budding epic fantasy series, the Gate Key Chronicles (Click here to buy on Amazon). 


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